Revising a Genre

Inception is a movie about controlling the dream world.  Christopher Nolan uses a star-studded cast to depict a hushed reality in which very select individuals practice controlling the dreams of other individuals.  The story centers around a businessman’s plan to implement an idea in his competition’s mind.  They then decide to instate a dream within a dream that would manipulate his competition into breaking up his company.  After several complications and an insight into Cobb’s past, the idea is successfully implemented into Robert’s mind.

Inception takes the genre of film noir and redefines it.  Though there are some prominent film noir themes such as a femme fatale and detective figure, it is very different than many of the popular film noirs.  For example, the femme fatale does not actually destroy every man she comes in contact with.  She is actually the one that gets destroyed.  The detective is also not a detective, but a girl learning how to manipulate dreams.


2 thoughts on “Revising a Genre

  1. I do somewhat agree with you when you say that inception redefines the film noir genre. However, I have to add that inception defines the film noir genre according to our present day time period. The film mirrors certain postmodernism ideas, rather than reflecting the postwar realism that is typical of older films noir.

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