A Selfish Mother

The Hours is a revisionist melodrama about three women.  It centers around the theme of anti-feminism.  The film takes a dramatic turn, when it ends in suicide.

The Hours is not a melodrama.  The film centers around a selfish woman who decides to take her own life instead of leaving her children.  This woman was so selfish, because she did not even consider the affects her decisions would have on her children.  She just thought what was best for her.  She completely disregards the psychological effects of her suicide and continues with her fate.


Revising a Genre

Inception is a movie about controlling the dream world.  Christopher Nolan uses a star-studded cast to depict a hushed reality in which very select individuals practice controlling the dreams of other individuals.  The story centers around a businessman’s plan to implement an idea in his competition’s mind.  They then decide to instate a dream within a dream that would manipulate his competition into breaking up his company.  After several complications and an insight into Cobb’s past, the idea is successfully implemented into Robert’s mind.

Inception takes the genre of film noir and redefines it.  Though there are some prominent film noir themes such as a femme fatale and detective figure, it is very different than many of the popular film noirs.  For example, the femme fatale does not actually destroy every man she comes in contact with.  She is actually the one that gets destroyed.  The detective is also not a detective, but a girl learning how to manipulate dreams.

A Director’s Failed Vision

I’m Not There is a movie that focuses on the many personas of Bob Dylan.  The movie circles around Dylan as a Poet, a Prophet, an Outlaw, a Fake, a Star, and a Generation’s voice.  The film depicts him as Woody, a fake who travels the countryside singing to families.  The viewer also sees Dylan’s persona as a Poet by depicting Arthur as a person who offers words of advice.  The prophet is a portrayal of Dylan as a man who starts out singing and retires to become a prophet.  Robbie is an incarnation of Dylan’s persona as an actor.  The viewer also sees Jude a girl playing a man who is the voice of a generation.  Finally, the viewer is acquainted with Billy the outlaw who lives a reserved, isolated life.

The director could have improved his vision for the film I’m Not There by making a clearer connection between the characters.  The film was all separate narratives that followed separate characters.  This may be confusing to viewers, because they do not realize that the characters are different personas of one person.  If a person has little to no knowledge of Bob Dylan, they will not understand the movie very well.  The only subtle connection made between two characters was when Billy saw an older version of an interviewer he had encountered; an interviewer Jude first encountered.