The Real Story of the Fame and Success of James Franco

James Franco.  A name that might be well known for his role in 127 Hours, Planet of the Apes, or Spiderman.  This celebrity, however, is a very unique one.  He spends his free time doing anything and everything.  From guest starring on shows on Nickelodeon, to attending classes at Yale, this star was born for greatness.  This uber talented celeb even has a talented little brother, Dave Franco.

But in this tale, James Franco is not what he is today.  James Franco had one desire in life: to be happy.  He sought this in every aspect of his life.  This boy, however, had paranoid schizophrenia which severely impacted his everyday life.  In his quest for happiness, he was constantly paranoid of everyone around him.  His constant alertness and worry about the people around him drove him to kill himself, not achieving any of the goals he had set for himself.

This paranoid schizophrenia and quest for happiness relate to Franco’s characteristics of perfectionism and willingness to do everything.  James Franco has done so much with his career; he wrote a self-published book and painted art featured in art galleries.  His drive for success is similar to the story of Heath Ledger.  Heath Ledger isolated himself for six weeks in preparation for his role as the Joker.  This isolation led to Ledger’s insanity and ultimately his untimely death.  If Franco continues to exhibit his quest for perfection and success, his fate will be that of his in his new backstory as well as that of Heath Ledger’s.


Satire of Romantic Comedies

Intolerable Cruelties is a dramatic portrayal of a twisted love story in which George Clooney is a big-shot lawyer who has had great career success.  Catherine Zeta-Jones is a conniving woman who uses a concierge to find a man she can take advantage of.  When she attempts to steal his money in divorce court, George Clooney successfully defends the honor of her ex husband.   After Catherine tries to convince George that she has married again for love, she gets another divorce.  George tries to save her from a life of loneliness by hastily marrying her in Vegas.  After she tears apart the prenup, George discovers she is trying to take his money.  But when her ex husband dies, she inherits his money.  George then tries to take her money, but the two realize they were in love and stay together.


 The over dramatic acting in this movie makes fun of a classic romantic comedy.  As a person watches the actors in this movie, one can not help think that they are bad actors.  But, this idea that the actors in this movie are bad is one that the director wanted the audience to think.  By showing the laughable dramatizations of real life, a person realizes how corny and dramatic a romantic comedy is.  The director instructed the actors to poorly act in order to convey this message.