Death: A Necessary Misfortune

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a movie about a doctor who is brought into a psych ward, because he is presumed insane.  The movie then flashes back as the audience sees the doctor returning from vacation with several people asking to see him, but shortly cancelling afterwards.  As the movie progresses, more and more people continue to report that a loved one of theirs has changed; they have no emotion, but all of the same memories.  Soon it is discovered that seeds from outer space landed in a farmer’s farm.  These seeds take on the form of a human nearby, and when the human sleeps it absorbs its memories and becomes that human, killing the original.  Whilst this is going on, the Dr. Miles and Becky become very close.  Eventually, the entire town is taken over, except for Becky and Miles.  When they hear charming music, Miles goes to check it out and Becky falls asleep.  Miles then runs away with the entire town chasing him, hoping to save the world.  The movie ends with him in the psych ward preparing to fight off another invasion.

  Despite the plot spoiler of Miles being the only one to survive due to the opening scene, I liked the ending.  It still shocked me and I was left wanting more.  The movie ends in a cliffhanger style, because the seeds seem to be taking over the world.  Becky’s death was a necessary occurrence in order to make the climax successful.  If Becky and Miles both escaped, the ending would have been mediocre.  Becky and Miles had already escaped the town once, so escaping again would only be repetitive.  Becky’s death allows the viewer to be sympathetic towards a seemingly insane Miles.  The ending, although sad, provides an unconventional twist to a stereotypical invasion movie.


2 thoughts on “Death: A Necessary Misfortune

  1. I never thought about the beginning being a spoiler for the end but now that makes perfect sense. When you start the movie everyone is extremely confused but that was probably the intentions of the director, as if to make Miles seem even more heroic by clarifying the film for the audience.

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