The Detriment of a Human Being

  Citizen Kane is an epic movie describing the life of a well-known man through many vantage points.  His life is unfolded before the audiences’ eyes in both good and bad views as well as conflicting ones.  Kane is a man who started out with little money.  He was then sent away, and he grew into a successful man who had a huge empire.  He was married twice and made and lost many friends.  The money he earned, however, led to his downfall.  He wished to return to his simpler life as a child.  This is illustrated through his last word, Rosebud, a sleigh he had as a child.

  Through the many vantage points in the film, Kane is seen in many lights, both positive and negative.  He is shown positively when he makes promises to his readers to be truthful and report the news.  He is also accused of turning his back on his readers signified by his tearing up of his promises to them.  At the end of the movie, however, the viewer cannot hate Kane.  Welles portrays Kane in such a way that the viewer is sympathetic to him and understands his struggles.  He in some way illustrates every individual that gets to know him throughout the movie.  His character flaws are portrayed in such a way that each individual can relate to him.  Each person starts out as an innocent human being, but through many factors, becomes something they did not always want to become.  Kane illustrates this detriment that each individual goes through in life.


3 thoughts on “The Detriment of a Human Being

  1. I agree completely with the fact that the viewer sympathizes with Kane with the way that Welles portrayed him by the end of the movie, though I do believe that the view could hate him. The viewer may be able to relate to his flaws, but at the same time some might not and not understand why he did what he did. This could cause them to hate him and not “forgive” him for everything he did throughout the movie and for the mistakes that he made. I also agree with your last 2 sentences about how people start out as innocent human beings and become something they’re not, and I do think that Kane is the perfect example of this.

  2. I also agree with this. I am incapable of feeling angry at him, because I am so busy feeling bad for him. He was never given the chance to be a good person. He was never really raised well by anyone. Everything that he did was so people would love him, because no one really ever did. He also doesn’t know how to love. If that isn’t the quintessential way to get someone to feel sorry for you, I don’t know what is.

  3. I get your argument: few of us fulfill our dreams or our ideals. It would have been better if you had led off with that, as your thesis, rather than with the general statement you do lead off with. 9/10. JB.

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