An Attack on Marriage

  The Awful Truth is a comedic film full of dramatic irony.  It portrays a high class couple who decides to get a divorce after feeling betrayed by the other.  The entire film is than a depiction of the lead characters, Lucy and Jerry, and their various love affairs during the time it takes to make their divorce final.  One day, while Lucy goes to visit Jerry, Jerry’s fiancee calls and Jerry is forced to lie and say Lucy is his sister.  Lucy then goes on to disgrace Jerry in front of Barbara’s family.  Jerry is then forced to spend the night in Lucy’s Aunt’s house.  After the wind constantly blows open the door separating the couple, Jerry and Lucy talk and realize they are both still in love with the other, something the audience has known all along.

  The film The Awful Truth completely disregards the sanctity of marriage.  After Lucy and Jerry get in one little fight, they decide to divorce each other.  Lucy and Jerry completely disregard the years that they spent happily together and rashly decide to get a divorce.  When two people decide to get married, they take vows, promising to love each other for better or worse and till death do them part.  Instead, Lucy and Jerry bail as soon as there is a slight hint of a scandal.  The Awful Truth, though comedic, is actually an attack on marriage.  Lucy and Jerry go and have other relationships while they are technically still married.  If they had actually discussed their problems and worked towards a stronger relationship, they would not have disgraced themselves and hurt others.


3 thoughts on “An Attack on Marriage

  1. I agree that the characters in The Awful Truth completely disregarded their marriage, but I’m not quite sure that I would say the movie as a whole was an attack on it. At the end of the movie the couple does end up back together, so I think that they were trying to prove that marriage is something special, and rash decisions shouldn’t tear it apart.

  2. Rather than completely disregard it, I actually believe the whole movie promotes the sanctity of marriage. The ending of every film or book is crucial to the plot and theme that was built up throughout. Since Jerry and Lucy work out their differences in the end, I think we can conclude that The Awful Truth’s ending displays the theme that marriage is something that is unbreakable despite any obstacles.

  3. In your reflection paragraph, I’d like to see more thematic analysis and less plot description. Your critical paragraph works pretty well as an argument, though you do need to acknowledge the fact that they get back together at the end. The scene where the lawyer on the phone helps your case. 9/10. JB.

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